Alpha Female Traits

She has a clear vision of her goals

The true alpha woman has clear goals. She isn’t indecisive about what she desires in her life. She doesn’t feel the need to wait for the “right time” to plan out her life.

She is persistent

Alpha females don’t give up easily once they set their eyes on something. They aren’t afraid to try harder and give things another shot until everything works out.

Adventurer is her middle name

She isn’t one to stay in her comfort zone, unlike beta females. Instead, she tests her resilience by going on adventures.

She’s a good listener

Since she’s an alpha, people assume that she’s self-centered. But she’s confident, so she lets others speak and listens well to others.

She defends her beliefs

She is always ready to spill the truth or her beliefs to others. However, some people might not take it positively. They might even try to tell her or others that she’s wrong. Or, they might attack her by saying that her beliefs are flawed.

She’ll never beat around the bush

The alpha woman is always straightforward about her thoughts and opinions. She never hesitates to express what’s on her mind.

She’s the most confident woman

Among all the women in the socio-hierarchy, the alpha female is the most confident woman. You can understand that she’s an independent woman by her body language alone.

She is the leader of any group but from within

In her personal, professional, academic, or social circle, she is the leader of the girl gang. If she isn’t, she’ll try hard enough to attain the leadership role soon!

Alpha women are headstrong and confident women. Though they are not flawless, they always try to improve themselves. The best part about them is their high spirits. They always fight the worst situations and people which makes their alpha position worth it!