Based on Your MBTI Personality Type

Best Home Paint Colors

ISTJ - Gray

The color has calming and stabilizing effects and ISTJs have an air of calmness

ISTP - Orange

The brightness of the color exudes playfulness complementing ISTPs desire towards adventure

ISFJ – White

The color creates a welcoming atmosphere aligning with ISFJs helping nature

ISFP – Green

Green resonates with outdoors and aligns with ISFPs love to appreciate the beauty of nature

INFJ - Periwinkle

As the color suggests peacefulness and hence resonates with INFJs calm and poised demeanor

INFP – Lilac

The color is associated with emotion, empathy, that resonates with INFPs empathetic nature

INTJ – Deep Blue

The color is associated with knowledge and INTJs love acquiring new knowledge

INTP – Beige

The color offers a calm environment just like INTPs living their life in a quiet mode

ESTJ – Mulberry

The color depicts passion and dynamism reflecting ESTJs leadership skills

ESTP – Greenish Yellow

The color exudes enthusiasm and ESTPs are always high on energy

ESFP – Hot Pink

The color showcases fearlessness just like an ESFPs courageous nature

ESFJ – Brick Red

The color is associated with warmth and hence aligns with ESFJs kindness

ENFP - Turquoise 

The color encourages introspection just like ENFPs who love being inquisitive 

ENFJ - Navy Blue

The color represents trust and stability, which is associated with ENFJs quality of being reliable

ENTP - Black with Gold Accents

This combination reflects the ENTP’s love for distinctive ideas

ENTJ - Fire Engine Red

The color is assertive, reflecting ENTJs strong leadership qualities