Beta Female at Work

Her work ethic is strong

Employees with beta female personality traits are focused on their careers. You can tell how passionate they are about their work from their attitude.

She always advises the best to her co-workers

Whether you want advice on your work or life, seek your beta gal at the office. I promise she won’t let you down. Rather, she always comes up with the most useful ideas.

She’s capable yet won’t be a leader

The beta female prefers to play any role other than a leader. Many of her coworkers feel that she is just not capable enough to snatch the alpha females’ throne. But the truth is that the beta female loves to follow instead.

She can mediate issues pretty finely

She hates conflicts and avoids them by any means. But even if she tactfully avoids them, her coworkers may not. But like a mindful mediator, she is always prepared for these. Over time, she learned to manage such situations by mediating them.

She’s a mother even at work!

If a woman has a hint of motherly love, she'll be a mom everywhere. No, of course, beta women can't treat hundreds of people like their babies. But she'll treat her team members or rookies in that fashion.

She’d rather not attend work events

The traits of a beta female also mention that she is introverted. It’s not that she can’t handle socializing… She can act her best when push comes to pull.

She’s pretty intelligent

It’s not known to many, but the beta female is highly intelligent and intuitive. People go on about the alpha-beta female distinction and look down on betas. But contrary to popular belief, she is as intelligent as alpha women.

If you’re a hiring manager, now you're aware of how skilled she is. Don’t believe in rumors and let her prove her capabilities. If you're a beta female's boss, treat her right and be grateful for her contribution to the firm. But if you’re her coworker, don’t be shy to learn from her working style. Even if you’ve been in this field for years, it doesn’t harm to learn new things. Respect her, and you’ll benefit the most!