Beta Male Strengths and Weaknesses

Beta Male Strengths

1. He is eager to help everyone

True beta males are always ready to help others. They don’t mind even if they are put in a tight situation. They don’t belittle others for needing help.

2. He doesn’t show passive aggression

Both the gamma and beta males are conflict-avoidant. However, betas aren't passive-aggressive, unlike gamma men. He doesn't attack the opponent like a coward.

3. You can trust him with your life

One of the common characteristics of a beta male is being trustworthy.

Beta Male Weaknesses

1. He can’t decide for himself

The beta male is a follower only because he can’t decide for himself. People expect a lot from leaders. He can’t deal with the pressure of being perfect.

2. He just can’t say “No”

He is a Yes-Man and can't ever refuse others. If he ever refuses anyone, it's probably after dealing with a lot of guilt and pressure.

3. He lacks the confidence to socialize

Beta men are confident about their choices and preferences. However, they are no good when it comes to socializing. They can’t talk coherently or make eye contact with others.

Before you judge a beta male, remember that human personality is changeable. So, try to get to know him better first. If you want to help him, figure out ways only after knowing his issues in detail.