ENFJ Career Opportunities

1. Teacher

Many people commonly consider “teacher” to be another nickname for the ENFJ personality type. This is because ENFJs are very skilled at explaining the concepts that they have already learnt, to others.

2. Social worker

Most ENFJs are very much interested in engaging in social work. They are good at interacting with other people and helping them out with their problems. This is what social workers do.

3. Counselor

ENFJs can be great as counselors because of their ability to empathize with others. They are compassionate towards others and see the best in them. They are kind and considerate.

4. Psychologist

Some people refer to ENFJs as “natural psychologists”. Since they are empathetic as well as intuitive, they are able to easily understand other’s needs.

5. Nurse

Since ENFJs are great at empathizing with others, nursing is a perfect job choice for them. They enjoy looking after other people and taking care of them.

6. Coach

People with the ENFJ personality can use their natural ability to see the hidden capabilities in other people.

7. Police officers

ENFJs like to uphold rules and regulations. This makes a policeman’s job seem quite appealing to an ENFJ.

8. Actor

Acting is also another profession where an ENFJ can utilize their natural creative talents. Getting to interact with a large number of people is also an added appeal from the point of view of an ENFJ.

ENFJ careers include professions that are typically related to the service industry. They are socially and emotionally intelligent to find their place in any career that they choose to be.