ENFJ Personality Types  at a Workplace

ENFJs are methodical and prefer structured work settings that allow them to work under strict guidelines.

People with an ENFJ personality type are quite sociable. They enjoy talking with people. They are also quite friendly and amicable.

ENFJ Workplace

ENFJs can be good team members. They are generally quite flexible and open to change.

ENFJ as a colleague

ENFJs also have the ability to make others like them quite easily. So, they end up becoming a friendly manager who is loved by all subordinates.

ENFJ as a manager

People with an ENFJ personality type have a strong desire to adhere to rules and regulations.

ENFJ as a subordinate

ENFJs can have a 5-minute conversation with a person and end up developing a good connection with them, even if they had not known that person beforehand.

If you want to have a meeting with a coworker who has an ENFJ type of personality, the first thing you must do is properly schedule the meeting with proper written agenda.