The Points of Similarities between ENFP vs. ENFJ

ENFPs and ENFJs love to be around others. They hate living alone.

They have the ability to build rapport and connect to others on a one to one and group basis.

Both these types are energetic and have an infectious optimism to be shared with the world.

Their language flair is excellent and this helps them communicate their opinions clearly to others.

Both are thoughtful and understanding. Even, you can term them as considerate and helpful.

ENFPs and ENFJs are witty and have a great sense of humor.

1. ENFPs live in the spur of the moment. They live life with its flow in its stride. vs ENFJs stick to routine and schedule. Every small thing in their daily life is pre-planned much ahead of its time.

ENFP vs. ENFJ –  The Key Differences

2. ENFPs prefer growth through innovation and creativity. vs ENFJ are judging personalities. They cannot tolerate change in routine, rather prefer to follow the time-tested patterns of doing certain things in life.

3. ENFPs are lively, fun-loving, and joyful people. vs ENFJs are more thoughtful, reserved, and distant when it comes to free expression of their thoughts and feelings with others.

4. ENFPs are open-minded and prefer to listen to what others bring on the table. vs ENFJs have strong opinions about everything in life.

Knowing the finer aspects of ENFP vs. ENFJ personality types will help us to understand their finer variations. It describes how these two personalities appear so similar, yet carries subtle differences in their way to deal with the various aspects of daily life.