ENTJ Cognitive Functions

ENTJs are strategic thinkers who believe in actions instead of sitting with their ideas alone. They are dominating and keen to make their presence felt in the social space that they share with others.

Lets understand the acronym ENTJ.

Extroverted (E)

ENTJs are social beings. They love to experience varied interpersonal connections that help them to feel energized in any situation.

Intuition (N)

ENTJs use their introverted intuition (Ni) or gut feeling to process information received through sensory stimuli.

Thinking (T)

ENTJ are strong-willed and confident in all aspects of life. They are logical, thoughtful, and have strong insight to lead their lives in the best possible way.

Judging (J)

ENTJs are able speakers but bad listeners. You may find them passing a remark that was not the need of the hour.

ENTJs are the people who see possibilities in every small thing they do in their daily life. They are ambitious and live life with a definite vision and purpose. These people are least compromising when it comes to efficiency and productivity in workplaces.

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