ENTJ Stress Triggers and How Do They Cope With Stress

ENTJs may react with anger, annoyance, and a lot of disappointment when they are under stress.

Factors that can cause stress in ENTJ personality type:

ENTJs are serious people and prefer to maintain a no-nonsense ideology in life. They are change resistant and may feel extremely overwhelmed if put in situations that demand a lot of flexibility and adaptation.

To be a part of the situation that lacks vision

The ENTJ personality type is highly ambitious and prefers to do work that is meaningful. If they are put in work settings that lack vision and future potential, they would readily feel upset and cannot continue further.

Incompetency of others

ENTJs will feel stressed out if they seem to operate in situations where others lack the necessary skill and efficiency to get things done.


Nothing can irritate an ENTJ type more than laziness and procrastination. These individuals are hardworking and dedicated to their work.

Following others can be emotionally draining

ENTJs love to lead and feel drained out if asked to follow others. They hate being told what needs to be done.

Needless interruptions

ENTJs are highly focused in terms of their work and goal accomplishment. If they face interruptions and unnecessary hindrance in their path, they will feel anxious and nervous.

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