INTJs are naturally thoughtful and analytical. They prefer to remain quiet most of the time but surely offer their insight into a conversation whenever needed.

ENTJs are typical extroverts and they are ever talkative, social, lively, and bossy. People with ENTJ preferences are logical and intuitive.

Let's explore the similarities between an ENTJ and an INTJ personality type.

Both ENTJs and INTJs are independent thinkers.

 ENTJs and INTJs are driven towards a long term goal.

These two personalities are logical and never allow emotions to play any role in their decision making process.

ENTJ vs. INTJ – The key differences

ENTJs are extroverts.  They are socially inclined and love to interact with others.

INTJs are reserved and inward-focused. They prefer to live alone and never get stuck into too much socialization.

ENTJs have extraverted thinking as a dominant function.

INTJs are deeply thoughtful. They have introverted intuition as a dominant fi=unction.

ENTJs are keen to try out new things more often than an INTJ.

INTJs prefer to do things that they know the best.

ENTJs and INTJs share many key qualities. Even their differences are complimentary. Both are able leaders but their style of managing people and systems vary greatly.