Cognitive Functions

Extroversion (E)

ESFJs are talkative, fun-loving, flexible, adventurous, and love staying active in their social life. Their social presence is versatile and dynamic.

Sensing (S)

ESFJs love concrete things rather than ambiguous stuff that require a lot of brainstorming. They are well-tuned with their immediate surroundings.

Feeling (F)

ESFJs have extroverted feeling as their dominant cognitive function. This means that they are emotional by nature. They can feel for others very deeply.

Judging (J)

ESFJs are organized and planned in their thoughts and actions. They never do anything out of the blue.

The description of cognitive function

Dominant function: Extraverted Feeling (Fe)

ESFJs are extroverts and this function makes them react to the opinions, thoughts, and feelings of others. They want to create balance and harmony around them.

Auxiliary function: Introverted Sensing (Si)

ESFJs focuses on his or her subjective experiences and compares and contrasts the new experiences with the already learnt past experiences.

Being an extrovert, they are always externally focused. They love to use humor and make the world around them thrive in harmony and peace.