ESFJ Stress Triggers and How Do They Cope with Stress

Factors that can cause stress in ESFJ Personalities

1. Lack of organized setups around them

ESFJs like to be a part of an organized world. They expect the same level of organization and neatness from others. But if they do not get what they expect in reality, they just freak out in annoyance and irritation.

2. Conflicts and squabbling irritates them badly

ESFJs are conflict-aversive people. They hate pinpointing faults of others or getting into some kind of relationship hassle with them.

4. Last minute rush can make them jittery

ESFJs dislike doing things at the last hour. They are methodical and systematic.

5. Mistrust and cheating

ESFJs are value-oriented people. Thus, if anyone mistrusts their intentions or cheats them in some way, they feel the mental pressure that is hard to overcome.

Ways to cope with stress in ESFJ Personalities

1. Seek support from loved ones

ESFJs can always share their deepest concerns and agonies with family and friends.

2. Meditation and exercise

These two techniques are the best self-help techniques for reducing stress and anxiety in an ESFJ personality type.

3. Entertainment

ESFJs can watch light-hearted movies, or listen to soft music to reduce stress and anxiety.

4. Journaling

ESFJs can write down their stressful thoughts and feelings in a diary so that they become aware of their stress triggers.

When ESFJs experience stress and emotional suffering, they tend to feel lonely and helpless. Sometimes, if stress seems to overpower their mental peace, they may start making many mistakes in their regular work.