ESFP Myers Briggs – What Does it Mean?

ESFP Myers Briggs Type – How do they look like?

ESFP stands for Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving types. These individuals are open-minded and flexible types who complain less and appreciate more

The personality profile of an ESFP

If you are an ESFP, you will have a jolly and optimistic nature. A bright smile adorns you always and gloom never touches your heart easily. You’re hopeful of good things in life.

The chief personality traits that make up your personality type are as follows:

– Practical –minded – Resourceful – Moves with time – Lives in the moments – Kind and empathetic – Easy going – Takes initiative – Gregarious – Impulsive

How common are ESFPs?

ESFPs are agile and active, compassionate and humble, resourceful and practical-minded by nature. They are to be found in about 9% of the general population.

What ESFPs delight?

– Being resourceful – They like excitement and    enjoyment in their daily life – ESFPs love casual chit-chats as    well as deep conversations –  They like spending time with    friends –  The social life of an ESFP is agile     and vibrant

What ESFPs hate?

– They dislike future planning that    is hazy and ambiguous. – Pointless discussions are a no-no   for them. – They hate to meet and live with   boring people. – Strict rules are not their liking – ESFPs hate people who speak too   slowly or take a long pause   during their conversation

ESFP Learning style

ESFPs enjoy practical and hands-on learning experiences. They dislike theories and abstraction. Being a sensing personality type, they scan their environment thoroughly and always have an eye for detailing.

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