ESFP Strengths and Weaknesses

ESFP Strengths

ESFP personality type individuals are quite spontaneous, outgoing, and resourceful. They always love to be the center of attention and people see them as thorough entertainers.

1. Bold

An ESFP person will never hold himself back in any situation. You will face all kinds of circumstances in a courageous manner.

2. Optimistic

ESFPs are always optimistic in their approach to life. No matter how tough circumstances turn out to be, this personality trait never lets them lose hope.

3. Originality

ESFPs, being entertainers, are always up for experimenting with new patterns in their lives. They are always looking for new ways to stand out from others in the crowd.

4.  Live in the Moment

An ESFP never thinks too far ahead in their life. They love staying in the present moment and enjoying every bit of it.

ESFP Weaknesses

Like every other personality, ESFPs also have certain weaknesses, which they can work on to become better individuals.

1. Sensitive

People of the ESFP personality type are extremely emotional people and have tremendous vulnerability toward constructive criticism.

2. Avoids Conflict

There are several instances when ESFPs completely ignore and avoid getting into conflict with others.

3. Gets Bored Easily

An ESFP will always require excitement in their lives. If at any point in time there is a dearth of excitement, they will do something to create it in their way. The lack of these things can get them easily bored.

4. Lacks Focus

ESFPs fail to concentrate on one thing at a time. Their mind always wavers in different directions.

ESFP Strengths and weaknesses refer to a mixed bag of good and not-so-good qualities that make them unique and exclusive. These personality traits define their nature and type vividly.