ESFP Stress Triggers and How Do They Cope With Stress

Factors that Can Cause Stress in ESFP Personalities

1) Strict rules 2) Planning 3) Commitments 4) Criticism and confrontation 5) Lack of control

6) Alone time 7) Theoretical work instead of practical work 8) Sitting idle or procrastination 9) Slow conversations 10) Ambiguity at work can cause anxiety

How Do ESFP Personalities Cope up with Stress?

Try to talk to a friend or family member

Tell them what you are going through. They may be able to help you or give suggestions to overcome the problem.

Stop being a pleaser

When you are doing any work, do not think about impressing others. Try to focus on the task that you are doing.

Engage in fun-living activities

Go for a walk outdoors sometimes. Being in the presence of nature can help to calm your mind.