ESFP vs ENFP – The Contrasting Shades


ESFP and ENFP personality types are typical extroverts with a love for life. They are outgoing, sociable, friendly, and love being in the spotlight. They share many common personality traits.

-Both these personality types are lively, jovial, and have immense love for social networking.

– Spending time outdoors energizes their mind and body.

-Armed with good communication, they are quick to understand what others want in a relationship.

Similarities between ESFP and ENFP

-ESFPs and ENFPs hate monotonous ways of living.

– They hold tightly to their core values and beliefs. Thus, integrity and honest living become their strengths.

–Both these types are feeling-perceiving types.

– Their energy is contagious and others find immense joy while basking in their company.

-Both these types are socially active and love to party and move around

– People cannot ignore their social presence because they are friendly and talkative to a great deal.

The Difference Between ESFP Vs ENFP

-ESFPs are sensors. ENFPs are intuitive.

-ESFPs are friendly and they prefer listening to the life stories of others. ENFP love sharing ideas and perceptions with others.

-ESFPs learn by using their sharp senses. ENFPs have poor observation power.

-ESFPs are good at comparing past and present facts to reach an ideal decision. ENFPs are thoughtful and intuitive.

-ESFPs love if others praise them. ENFP feels great if others appreciate their creative ideologies.

-ESFPs do not rely on past events or future possibilities. ENFPs always think about future goals and thus they do a lot of long-term planning.

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