ESTJ Cognitive Functions

All ESTJs are structured and conventional people. Thus, there is no doubt that they will behave like stubborn mules at times.

 Extroversion (E)

ESTJs are extroverts and this means they derive their mental energy and agility through social interaction and networking.

Sensing (S)

Being a sensing personality, ESTJs are sensors. So, they pay attention to sensory impressions to get an idea of their immediate surroundings.

Thinking (T)

ESTJs are logical thinkers. The predominance of thinking function makes an ESTJ critical and less emotional.

Judging (J)

ESTJs prefer to stay organized and planned in their daily lives. They prefer to set schedules and work accordingly. 

The Description of Cognitive Function

ESTJs are assertive, detail-oriented, and boastful leaders. They are a serious group of people who like to see and keep things in order.

Extroverted thinking (Te)

This is the dominant cognitive function that influences their way of living and overall behavior patterns. They are extroverts and logical thinkers.

Introverted sensing (Si)

It gives them a sense of stability and security. Their organized inner world tries to plan and order everything in the right place.

Extroverted intuition (Ne)

This function makes them come out of their structured world and start inventing, exploring, and innovating with new ideas.

ESTJs are objective and rational. They always prefer perfection and organization. People with this personality type rely on facts and concrete information. Emotional aspects never hold much importance in their daily lives.