ESTJ Strengths and Weaknesses

ESTJ Strengths

1) Dedicated 2) Strong-willed nature 3) Direct and honest 4) Faithful and trustworthy 5) Loves to create order

6) Leadership ability is awesome 7) Good communicators 8) Logical minds 9) They are fiercely confident 10) They uphold laws and rules strictly

ESTJ Weaknesses

1) Stubborn 2) Uncomfortable with unique situations 3) Judgmental in nature 4) Cannot express emotions 5) Tend to take control things

6) Too much focus on personal social status 7) They find it tough to relax 8) Impatient 9) Perfectionist 10) Uncaring and insensitive

ESTJs are analytical thought leaders. They are driven by perfection and excellence.  These qualities make them notable leaders and public figures whom everyone adores and respects.