ESTP Strengths and Weaknesses to Know

ESTP personalities have a huge impact on their surroundings. They are socially dynamic, and always prefer the spotlight to be put on them always. Armed with flexibility and openness to change, ESTPs can adapt to any situation happily. They are not nitpicky and complaining types at all.

ESTP Strengths

Bold and brave

ESTPs are naturally bold and fearless personality types. They love to take challenges and accomplish them with comfort.


ESTPs are practical-minded and love to approach life now and here. They believe in learning and doing things that have some practical implications.

Good perceptual power

ESTPs have strong perceptual ability. Thus, they are full of life, spontaneous and easygoing types. They hate finding faults in others or the system in general.

Believes in collaboration

ESTPs are good administrators because they can readily collaborate and network with others in a system. They are outgoing, able communicators who can inspire and motivate others to take decisive actions in life.

Outgoing and loves to talk

ESTPs are always high on energy. They hate to sit back and do nothing. These individuals love to fill each and every moment of their life with pure joy and madness.

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