ESTP Stress Triggers and How Do They Cope With Stress

Factors leading to stress in ESTP personalities

1. Being judged

ESTPs are easygoing personalities. They will find it hard to deal with people who judge them.

2. Planning a schedule

ESTPs hate to make big plans that they know will not fall in place over a period of time.

3. Attention seeking is a must have

ESTPs are social butterflies. They love the spotlight on them always. Thus, if they see others are not giving them the required attention they feel extremely stressed out.

4. Micromanaging

They hate others micromanaging them when they are aware of what needs to be done in a specific task.

Ways to cope with stress in ESTP personalities

1. Learn to adapt and adjust

ESTPs are flexible and can adjust to various changes quite easily. When they are facing stress, it is important to change their way of doing things.

2. Physical workouts and meditation

Workouts and regular exercise can curb stress easily. It makes the person physically fit and mentally alert and agile.

3. Visit a therapist

Sometimes you can learn better ways of coping with stress by working it out with a trained therapist.

4. Listen to music

Soothing music has a calming effect on the mind. You can hear more of it whenever you feel that things are going off-beat for you.

ESTPs are enthusiastic doers who try to live life with their self-dictated ideologies and values. Though they are flexible but are nitpicky at times. They may act as independent rebels that often go out of their control. Others may find them dominating but they are not the kind in reality.