ESTPs love adventure, fun, excitement in their daily life. ENTPs love debates, theories, discussion, abstract ideas, etc.

ESTPs use their sensory stimulations to perceive data from the outside world. ENTPs have strong intuition, they use their gut feeling to analyze the recent picture of a situation.

ESTPs struggle with routine jobs. ENTPs also like novelty and dislike routine work.

ESTPs will scan the event in detail before arriving at a conclusion. ENTPs are future focused.

ESTPs love public attention. They crave people’s appreciation and want to be in the spotlight. ENTPs also like public gatherings but they are more tuned towards an inner intuitive world.

ESTPs love to offer practical problem solving strategies. ENTPs love to offer innovative, creative solutions.

ENTPs can participate in new experiences with an ESTP while ESTP can engage in thoughtful conversations with ENTP.