What Are The Traits of a Gamma Male?

His intelligence is incomparable

A man with a gamma male personality type is great in his own field. If he follows his passion and gives optimal effort, he can become a genius in no time.

His empathy leads to nice guy syndrome

A sweet trait of the gamma male archetype is his compassion and empathy. He can pick up on others’ feelings even before they express them.

He’s a hopeless romantic

Most men’s gamma personality types are hopeless romantics. They believe that love is truly the same as in fairy tales and rom-coms.

He’s jealous of other men

Their jealousy towards the conventionally better men makes them look like a loser. 

His dating life is sorrowful

The dating life of a gamma male is truly the worst. They overvalue themselves and act like they are a trophy to show off.

He’s a bit delusional

They often have a false narrative to feel more confident about themselves and deny reality. 

He avoids conflicts

Gamma men don’t have what it takes to confront someone directly. So, they only attack others with passive aggression.

He’s content with his feminine side

Gamma men are known to be in more contact with their feminine side and exhibit it often.

He loves adventures

The gamma male likes to follow an adventurous path everywhere. 

He’s pretty sensitive

Men with gamma personality types easily get hurt by rejections, criticism, and any other negative emotion.

The gamma males are certainly intelligent and understanding. But they can also be a handful at times. So, if you’re a gamma male, stop lying to yourself with false narratives. Don’t demand too much from others. But if you know a gamma male, communicate strategically to talk them out of their delusions. But be patient and things are bound to improve!