Hobbies of INTJ Personality Type

The hobbies of INTJ personality types include activities that can give them solitude, personal enrichment, and pure happiness.


INTJs love reading all sorts of books. They do not mind the genre or author as long as they find interest in the material of the book.

Spending quality time in book clubs

INTJs love to read. But apart from reading alone on their own, they can also join a book club.

Playing a musical instrument

Rather than being a part of a band or musical group, INTJs prefer to hone their musical skills on their own.

Martial arts

As INTJs may often feel agitated by the people around them, they can let out their anger through martial arts.

Video gaming

Playing video games can also be an interesting hobby for INTJs. Because of their high drive and motivation,


INTJs can consider swimming as a hobby because it not only would help them spend time, but also keep their bodies fit.

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