How to Identify an Alpha Male?

Are you physically and/or mentally strong?

Are you passionate about winning in life? Whenever you work on something, do you always try to win?

Even if nobody supports you, do you always have your own back? 

Do you feel passionate about competition? Whenever you have a scope to prove your capabilities, do you always dive in without a second thought?

Do people often tell you that you are their inspiration? If you are famous in your circle, do people look up to you and tell you that they want to be like you?

Do you attract most of the women around you? Do men around you blame you for hogging all the women to yourself?

If you are an alpha male, knowing your personality isn’t the end. You must also know about the pros and cons of your personality and ways to improve yourself. If the alpha male is someone else, take note of how to deal with them or how they behave in their personal and professional life. However, if