How to Identify an Omega Male?

Do you hate taking on unnecessary responsibilities like sigma males? At work do you want to work solo? Do you neither want to lead nor follow?

Due to your desire to be independent, do you often impact your relationships? Whenever a loved one depends on you, do you push them away?

Once you set your mind on something, do you hardly reconsider changing your decision? Do people often call you stubborn for this?

Are you still childish in some way? Do you often let your inner child have fun by playing video games and going on adventures?

When you see anyone in trouble around you, do you always want to help them? Do you try to support them in whatever means you can?

Do you hate being serious all the time? When around your close ones, do you like to have fun by playing pranks on others?

Do you have some weird quirks that don’t meet social expectations?

Do you get bored too easily? Do you often seek new ways to enjoy your time? Do you seek new interests and hobbies to stay entertained?

Are you confident about yourself but have zero arrogance? Are you confident about being great yourself but don’t want to put others down to feel great?

Even when you don’t try to stand out, do you still attract a lot of attention? Wherever you go, do people seek you for your kind, compassionate, and empathetic nature?

If you’re an omega male, don’t be satisfied with your personality type alone! Learn about all of your personality traits, the pros and cons of your personality, and ways to deal with them. You can also learn about your behavior in your personal and professional life and find the perfect partner for yourself!