All About INFJ Cognitive Functions

The INFJ personality type is the rarest combination of head and heart. They are introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging types who are unique in their own ways.

Introverted (I)

These individuals will talk less, listen more, and responds only when it is absolutely necessary.

Intuitive (N)

They never get stuck with details but rather prefer to see what possibilities lie ahead in the future.

Feeling (F)

INFJs are inclined to use subjective feelings in decision-making. They are emotional and sensitive, gentle and compassionate.

Judging (J)

Judging personality types doesn’t necessarily mean that these people are critical and judgmental. However, the judging function primarily focuses on INFJs preference for order and the system around them.

Dominant function: Introverted intuition (Ni)

A person with introverted intuition as a dominant function has deep insights. They are single-minded in their focus and understanding; rarely get double thoughts about anything.

Auxiliary function: Extraverted feeling (Fe)

It is a decision-making function that relies upon others’ needs and problems. The Fe function symbolizes an outward orientation for opinions and judgments.

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