All About INFJ Myers Briggs

INFJ Myers Briggs is quirky and private, deeply thoughtful and follows their gut always. People with this preference can soak themselves in others’ emotions.

INFJ Myers Briggs – How They Are?

The personality profile of an INFJ

INFJs are reserved and intuitive. They will think about abstract ideas that can have a future possibility. These individuals are ambitious. They are both the dreamer and a doer.

People with INFJ qualities love to imagine and create ideas. At the same time, they prefer to take decisive action to accomplish their life goals.

The chief personality traits that make up your personality type

– Private and quiet - Insightful – Idealist – Compassionate – Thoughtful and intuitive – Full of imaginative ideas

How common are INFJs?

These individuals hold only 2% presence in the population. Because of their exclusive qualities, INFJ men are very rarely found Men are only 1% and women hold 2% in the general population.

What INFJs delight?

– They love nurturing pre and authentic    human connections. – Being an intuitive type, they like    understanding the subtle emotions of    others. – INFJs prefer to stay private as much as   possible. They may have many   connections but they feel comfortable   only with like-minded people. – INFJs crave meaningful living.

What do INFJs hate?

INFJs hate small talk and gossip.  – People with INFJ preferences hate   deceit and emotional manipulation.  – They hate people who lie and make    up covered stories to hide their    misdeeds. – INFJs also hate people who try to   dismiss their opinions

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INFJs are not many in the population however they hold a special place because of their reserved, intuitive, and empathic qualities. They are sweet and sour socially and not bitter at all.