INFJ Personality Traits That Are Exclusive

The INFJ personality type is rare and has exclusive attributes. They are reserved and thoughtful, compassionate, and highly planned people.

Calm and poised demeanor

INFJs are introverts and it is no surprise that they are calm and peaceful people. These individuals are never showy and prefer to stay away from the public spotlight.

Prioritizes alone time

INFJs prefer to spend time with alone. Probably they are more intelligent and less socially fluent than others.

They feel different from all others

Most INFJs behave like mystics. They feel that they’re somehow not fitting into a social group. They always tend to feel isolated and secluded.

The intricacies of human psychology inspires them a lot

INFJs harbor a deep wish to know others well. They would prefer to dive deeper into others’ personal wishes and emotions.

Empowered with empathy

INFJs are the storehouse of compassion and empathy. They will quickly see through others’ pains and suffering.

Seeks wisdom and knowledge all the time

Being a curious soul, any new information can strike their chord of knowledge quite easily. They love to gather information and seek true wisdom from their parents and teachers.

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INFJs are not many in the population however they hold a special place because of their reserved, intuitive, and empathic qualities. They are sweet and sour socially and not bitter at all.