How An INFJ Workplace Habits Look Like?

People with INFJ personalities cannot thrive in office politics. Any kind of social drama, gossip, and unnecessary rules are not meant to be with INFJ for long.

INFJ as colleagues

As colleagues, INFJs are humble, sensitive, polite, and friendly. They are the popular ones in the office whom everyone adores just like anything.

INFJs as a manager

INFJ managers never prefer to exert authority but believe in fairness and equal treatment for all.

INFJs as a subordinate

INFJs are industrious and hard working. These people will be patient listeners and tireless workers being in a subordinate role.

INFJ personality type and workplace communication

In workplaces, INFJs will shout out their opinions and they would love to be heard and accepted for their differing viewpoints.

Business Meeting with an INFJ Personality Type

INFJs prefer organized and planned business meetings that were scheduled long back.

INFJ Personality Type and Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Any sort of personal and professional rift in workplaces can be easily sorted with tact and humility.