INFP Strengths and Weaknesses

INFP Strengths

The greatest strength of an INFP is their strong moral compass. They are built with values and ethics and prefer to live life as righteously as possible.

Deep thinkers

INFP personalities are passionate thinkers. Whenever an idea strikes them, they try to nurture the idea and brainstorm over it for a long time.

Advocates of cooperation

INFPs are the advocates of harmony and cooperation. They believe in giving equal opportunities to all.

INFPs are humble and polite

They are humble, understanding, considerate, and polite.

INFPs are silent mentors

INFPs are keen believers in human potential. Therefore, they help others grow and develop their individual skill set.

INFP Weaknesses

INFPs fail to understand the nitty gritty of real life hassles. They see this world through colored glasses and can be overly optimistic at times.


INFPs are self-critical. They are harsh on themselves as they expect themselves to be perfect in every small way.

INFPs have a sensitive nature

INFPs are too sensitive and feel lonely deep within when they see that their high-held values are ignored by others.

Unfocused and messy

INFPs are not organized people. They prefer to do things suddenly without planning.


INFPs are the real negotiators. They hate to get into conflicts, thus tend to please others even if they know at heart that the other person is morally incorrect.

INFPs are inventive and are full of ideas and fantasies that are fertile grounds for innovations. The only thing that is missing is their organization skills and intense focus that is needed to put these dreams into a reality.