INFP Workplace Habits: Communication Style and Conflict Resolution

INFP workplace style is independent and autonomous. They feel uncomfortable if others interfere or crowd their organized workspace.

INFP workplace

INFPs are flexible and easy going introverts. They work best in open working conditions where there is flexibility in choosing their timing and pace of work.

INFP as a colleague

As colleagues, they are helpful, friendly, and humble. INFPs believe in fair dealings. Thus, you will never find them doing anything wrong with their fellow teammates.

INFP as a subordinate

As subordinates, INFPs have a gentle communication style that is liked by their managers. Being an intuitive personality type, they are insightful and often think out of the box.

INFP as a manager

Being an introvert, INFPs are soft, reserved, and private by nature. Though as managers, they can perform well but this job role can be intensely challenging for them.

INFP workplace communication

If you are trying to communicate with an INFP personality type, it won’t be tricky at all. They are easygoing and flexible listeners. They prefer not to react but to understand your opinions from all ends.

Meeting with INFP personality type

An official meeting with an INFP has to start in an informal way. They love to be asked about their life in general before you discuss the nitty gritty of various business agendas.

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