INTJ Personality Traits

1. Shy

INTJs are love to spend a lot of time alone. They prefer to stay away from social interactions.

2. Thoughtful

People of the INTJ personality type usually spend a lot of time thinking and analyzing every little thing.

3. Curious

INTJs are curious about every little thing. They love to be knowledgeable. They love to have the luxury of knowing details about everything under the sun.

4. Big picture thinkers

Most INTJ individuals have the ability to think of the big picture. This is often beneficial for them in every sphere of life.

5. Patience

This is something that an INTJ truly believes as well. Because of the fact that an INTJ spends so much time alone, patience is something that they learn or develop.

6. Rule followers

INTJs love to follow rules and regulations. Not only that, but they also want the people around them to be following established rules.

7. Meticulous

INTJs are very meticulous and thorough about everything. If needed, INTJs focus their attention to detail.

8. High achievers

INTJs often have high standards of living. In order to achieve that, they have high expectations of themselves.

INTJ stands for an introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging type of individual. Because of their introverted nature, they are shy and socially aloof. Their intuitive and thinking sides make them good at critical thinking and rational-minded. They also like to follow rules and regulations, but at the same time, have their own set of morals and beliefs which they strongly value.