INTJ vs. INTP looks the same outwardly but they have some key differences with regard to their cognitive functioning and overall outlook towards life. INTJs and INTPs both are ingenious thinkers.

The Points of Similarities Between INTJ and INTP

Individuals with both these personality types are introverted.

They are mostly shy by nature and do not like social interactions.

People from both of these personality types have a strong sense of intuition.

They have a tendency to trust their instincts when they have to make important decisions.

Both INTJs and INTPs have an innovative mind.

They love to explore unique ideas and solutions while facing any challenging scenario.

INTJ vs. INTP – Points of differences

INTJs are result oriented. They always focus on the end product, rather than on how something works.

INTPs are more concerned about having an in-depth understanding of a process or how things work.

INTJ people have a very clear-cut decision on what they want.

INTP people usually go with the flow and roll with the punches.

INTJs have difficulty in expressing their thoughts through words.

INTPs, on the contrary, usually over-explain or over-share.

Being introverted, intuitive, and thinking, individuals with both these personality types have a lot in common. While INTJs are judging, INTPs are perceiving types. INTJs prefer things to be well-organized and in an ordered manner. On the other hand, INTPs prefer things to be flexible and would rather go with the flow.