12 INTP Strengths and Weaknesses to Improve Your Life

INTPs refer to those people who possess introverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving features in their personality. These individuals carry various strengths and some blind spots which make a great impact on their lives.

INTP Strengths

1. Analytical and Logical

INTPs have the habit of analyzing whatever thing they come across in their life. It is applicable from data out of research to how people around them behave with one another.

2. Independence and Originality

INTPs do not possess a strong need to take ideas from others. These people never look for external support and encouragement.

3. Theoretical and Objective

The independent nature and logical approach of an INTP help them toward thinking about theories that are applicable across the world.

4. INTPs Are Open-Minded

Curiosity along with an intense desire to learn whatever they can are the two driving forces of an INTPs life. They do not hesitate to gather information from different sources.

5. Expertise in Their Field of Choice

INTPs are ideally suited for careers that allow them to work with complete freedom. They do not enjoy working with anyone else or in teams.

6. They Are Enthusiastic in Their Approach

People consider an INTP individual as someone who maintains privacy in their life. They love to remain detached from others. The scenario changes when they come across any topic that creates interest in their mind.

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