INTP Stress Triggers & How Do They Cope with Stress

Factors That Can Cause Stress in INTP Personality Type

1. Maintaining Strict Routines

Following rules and regulations will not be an INTPs cup of tea. They will start to feel trapped under them and suffer from suffocation. These people can follow some plans necessary for the execution of work.

2. Rejection of Their Proposal

An INTP has Extraverted Feeling (Fe) as their inferior function. Due to this reason, they suffer from the feeling of separateness from every individual in the community. They become convinced that no one in this world loves them.

3. Losing a Loved One

The fear of losing a loved one in their life is universally present among people with all personality types. In the case of INTPs, they fear losing a single person.

Ways to Cope with Stress in INTP Personality

1. Write down Your Thoughts

INTP must write down their thoughts on a piece of paper before speaking them out. Doing this will help them focus on entertaining only feasible options.

2. Adopt Mindfulness Techniques

As an INTP, you can implement mindfulness techniques to stop your brain from seeking various patterns.

3. Respect and Accept People’s Opinions

Life already has plenty of complications in its kitty. Therefore, INTPs must not unnecessarily add them further by contradicting people’s opinions too much. They should rather accept them.

It is necessary that these individuals keep things simple. They must not resort to overthinking. Otherwise, it will unnecessarily complicate matters. Finally, adjustment is key to improving their lifestyle. It comes from accepting that not everything will happen to their liking.