ISFJ Cognitive Functions

1. Introverted (I)

ISFJs are introverts and they are reserved, shy, and quiet in nature. They prefer to stay tuned to their inner world and enjoy alone time just like any other introverted types.

2. Sensing (S)

ISFJs are sensors and this makes them grounded in reality. They prefer to do things in a practical and realistic manner. ISFJs are keen observers.

3. Feeling (F)

ISFJs are compassionate and considerate people. They can easily understand the emotions of others. This functional preference also makes them warm and sensitive.

4. Judging (J)

ISFJs always lead their lives with prior planning and organization. They dislike anything that is messy and unsystematic. They will always keep a list of things to be done one after the other. ISFJs love to stay prepared for any action.

The description of cognitive functions

1. Introverted sensing (Si) – Dominant function

Introverted sensors are aware of their sensory experiences and they prefer to relate their past experiences with the present one.

2. Extroverted feeling (Fe) – Auxiliary function

 This function makes an ISFJ aware of what people expect from them in a social setup.

3. Introverted Thinking (Ti) – Tertiary function

 ISFJs are slow thinkers. They may take a long time deciding upon things that matter the most in their life.

4. Extroverted intuition (Ne) – Inferior function

They cannot derive new meanings from the existing ones. It means their gut feelings do not indicate what can happen in future.

ISFJs prefer to experience life in real time. They prefer to act now and here, in the immediate context only. Armed with good emotional skills, they are warm and kind. People find them extremely accommodating and friendly to connect with.