ISFJ Myers Briggs

ISFJ Myers Briggs Type – How do they look?

The ISFJ Myers Briggs personality type is a typical introvert with reserved qualities. They are generous, gentle, and sensitive by nature.

ISFJ Type Description

1. Introverted (I)

ISFJs possess an inner world of organized thinking. They love to spend time inside a safe zone meant just for them. Being an introvert, they are shy, quiet, and prefer to mingle as much as needed.

2. Sensing (S)

ISFJs rely on first hand concrete information to make sense of their immediate surroundings. They gather information from sensory impressions and use the power of their mind to understand everything going around them.

3. Feeling (F)

ISFJs have extroverted feelings as one of the cognitive functions. This function makes them community helpers. They can move mountains and cross oceans to assist others who are close to them.

4. Judging (J)

Being a judging personality type, ISFJs live in an inner world of structure and organization. A person with this personality types want everything in order and in the right place.

What ISFJs delight?

– ISFJs love to have enough ‘me-time’ to rejuvenate themselves – They crave healthy emotional connections with others – ISFJs delight being appreciated for who they are

What ISFJs hate?

– They will not like others to ignore or abandon their feelings. – ISFJs are friendly and thus they hate rude behavior altogether –ISFJs don’t like getting delayed or upset by any means.

ISFJs are special and they have so much in them to offer to this world. They are the most sensitive of all the other Myers Briggs introvert types. Their sensitive and peace-loving nature is their strength. People adore them because they are humble and friendly, caring and considerate. Their organized inner world is well-defined