ISFJ Myers Briggs – The Silent Helper

ISFJ Myers Briggs personalities are warm-hearted and reserved. They love to open up only within a close-knit social circuit. These individuals are deeply caring & compassionate,

The personality profile of an ISFJ

If you are an ISFJ, you will always have a strong desire to serve others. You will be methodical, organized, and systematic in your work. At the same time, you will be extremely hard working and productive.

Chief personality traits that make up your personality type are as follows:

– Reality-oriented – Caring and considerate – Warm – Kind – Scheduled – Planned in their actions

How common are ISFJs?

ISFJs are quite a common Myers Briggs personality type. IN United States, ISFJs comprise about 14% of the general population.

What ISFJs delight?

– ISFJs love to have enough ‘me-time’ to rejuvenate themselves – They crave healthy emotional connections with others – ISFJs delight being appreciated for who they are – They dislike people who are busy blaming others all the time, leaving their own shortcomings by the side. – ISFJs are comfortable in less showy social setups where people are genuine and generous.

What ISFJs hate?

– They will not like others to ignore or abandon their feelings. – If someone carries out a job in improper ways, it will eventually irritate an ISFJ – ISFJs are friendly and thus they hate rude behavior altogether – If rules are not in place and situations lack clarity, they will not like it. – They hate others getting distracted or losing focus too often

ISFJ learning style

– They learn through doing rather than only memorizing the concepts. Learning by doing is their innate style. – ISFJs are consistent with routines. They do not like haphazard learning environments. – They prefer step-by step instructions while the learning process is going on. – ISFJs love to be appreciated by their teachers. – They feel confident when others affirm and praise their efforts.

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