ISFJ Personality Traits That Are Unique

ISFJs are a rare combination in Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI). They are introverts and prefer a sheltered, safe inner space for themselves; yet you will find them interacting and connecting with others at deeper emotional levels.

ISFJs are dedicated and devoted to the work they do. Their commitment levels are high and they put a lot of emphasis on the quality of work done

1. ISFJs put stress on quality of work rather than the quantity

2. They are emotional and feels deep inside them

Deep inside them, they feel deeply for the woes and agonies of others. Sometimes, they may behave like a martyr and try fixing the emotional problems of others

3. ISFJs behave like extroverts at times

ISFJs are often misinterpreted as extroverts. Their communication style and ability to connect with many others makes them look like extroverts. ISFJs are humble and friendly.

4. Your senses are well developed

People with ISFJ personalities are keen observers. They rely upon sensory experiences to make sense of their surroundings. Being a sensor, they prefer to use their 5 senses and receive information from the immediate surroundings.

5. ISFJs avoid the spotlight

ISFJs are introverted sensing types. Their inner world is reserved, quiet, and shy. They do not want to be in the spotlight where others are giving them attention that they do not want.

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