ISFJ Stress Triggers and How Do They Cope with Stress

Factors that can cause stress in ISFJ personalities

1. Crowded places

Big crowds and large public gatherings can overwhelm an ISFJ pretty soon. Being an introvert, ISFJs are shy and cannot mingle with too many people together.

2. Workplace politics

As already mentioned, ISFJs are peace-loving individuals. They prefer to maintain calmness around them. Thus, workplaces are no different. They cannot argue with co-workers and may feel stressed out if asked to handle chaos inside an office space.

3. Lack of commitment from others

The ISFJ personality type is dedicated and committed towards their assigned duties. When they see that others are not reciprocating with the same level of commitment, they feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Ways to cope with stress in ISFJ personalities

1. Keep yourself engaged

ISFJs should start with some hobbies that they love doing so that the mental agitation that they are in subsides soon.

2. Practice tolerance

ISFJs cannot tolerate procrastination and inconsistency in work. As this is unhealthy, they should try to stay calm and remain tolerant of others’ varied nature.

3. Talk to a confidant

If stress feels like too much, ISFJs should express their feelings through words. They should share their deepest feelings with a close friend and relative. As said, sharing your agonies with someone actually lessens it to a great extent.

ISFJs should try to become more flexible and spontaneous in their approach towards life. They should learn to overcome adversities by working out on practical solutions. ISFJs can feel better if they become more tolerant and learn to accept the daily life changes as simply as possible.