ISFJ Workplace

ISFJ as a colleague

ISFJs are no doubt helping personalities. Thus, it’s no wonder that they will leave their comforts aside and show willingness to help and support their peers and colleagues in office.

ISFJ as a subordinate

Being a subordinate in an organization, an ISFJ will always remain a hardworking and loyal employee. They will listen to the manager’s call and will work collaboratively towards meeting team goals.

ISFJ as a manager

Being a systematic and methodical person, ISFJs can become good leaders. They are a good mix of task-orientation and people skills.

ISFJ personality type and workplace communication

Each of us has a specific communication style that suits our innate nature and personality type. ISFJs are no different. ISFJs are keen to make personal connections with the person they are communicating with.

Having a meeting with ISFJ personality type – What it looks like

If you are planning to have a meeting with the ISFJ personality type, you should plan your meet up in advance. ISFJs do not prefer last minute calls. They love organized setups where they will have a prior idea of what to expect.

ISFJ personality type and conflict resolution in the workplace

ISFJs are peace loving individuals. If they ever get stuck in a conflict, they will always try to resolve it peacefully. Since they are patient and empathic, they will try to listen to other’s point of view also.

In workplaces, ISFJs are devoted employees. Their gentle and polite nature can easily win the hearts of their managers and colleagues. They are popular in an office set up because they are reserved, quiet fellows who are never nitpicky and critical.