ISFP Career Opportunities

Artist ISFPs can be great artists. They love to showcase their creativity through their works of art.

Musician ISFPs often choose music as their career, with great success. That is why ‘Composer’ is one of the nicknames for these people.

Teacher ISFPs often seek ways to express themselves and they are driven by inner values.

Graphic designer Graphic designers can work as freelancers. This means that they can create their own designs or artwork.

Interior designer ISFPs can utilize their creative freedom to design the interior environment of a room, building, house, or office space.

Police officer ISFPs are very meticulous in their work. They give a lot of importance to small details that normal people might overlook.

Flight attendant Many people do not give importance to the job of a flight attendant. But in reality, it is as important as the job of a pilot.

Careers to avoid – Executives – Finance – Sales representative – Office clerk – Doctor