ISFP Myers Briggs

People with this personality type are generally very shy. So, it can be hard to start a new friendship with an ISFP. However, for people who get to know them well, ISFPs can be great friends.


ISFPs are introverts by nature. This means that they like spending time alone. Not only that, but they also value the time they spend on their own.


ISFPs are adept at using their senses to judge their environment. This also makes them good at problem solving.


Feelings and emotions hold a high degree of importance to an ISFP individual. ISFPs tend to be very passionate about the things they love.


Because of their perceiving nature, ISFPs are open-minded. They are understanding and can blend themselves well with the demands of the situation.

What ISFPs delight?

They have a good taste for aesthetics and beauty. So, they are better able to appreciate the subtle beauties of nature.

They are usually animal lovers. For this reason, many ISFPs own pet dogs or cats. They are very kind towards their pets.

What ISFPs hate?

They do not like to be the center of attention. They want to stay as far away from the spotlight as possible.

They dislike being controlled by other people.

ISFPs are essentially action-oriented individuals who mostly like to keep to themselves. But at the same time, they are gentle, caring, trusting people who are always ready to help others. One can find it difficult to become friends with an ISFP. But for those who know them well, ISFPs can be great friends. They are flexible, spontaneous, and easy-going, and prefer to live their life on their own terms.