ISFP Personality Traits that You Should Know

The acronym ISFP means Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. People with this kind of personality are shy, introverted, and caring individuals who love to live in the present moment.

1. Down to earth

These people are always grounded to reality. They are quite well aware about the facts of life. They do not engage too much in fantasy thinking.

2. Affectionate

ISFPs often hold deep feelings for others. But they do not verbalize these feelings. They hold these feelings private to themselves.

3. Sensitive and Caring

People with ISFP personality are very sensitive. They usually get extremely affected by other people’s distress. Since, they are caring and gentle, they have a high degree of empathy towards others.

4. Good observer

ISFP people generally pay attention to small details in their surrounding environment, as well as in others. They have the ability to easily judge any discrepancy in other people’s behaviors.

5. Taking time to open up

ISFPs tend to be shy and introverted. They are quite guarded in their social outlook. For this reason, they take a lot of time to open up to others.

6. Flexible

ISFPs are quite flexible and spontaneous. On the surface, this may seem like an anomaly. One may think that these are characteristics of an extrovert. However, an ISFP type of individual does not intend to engage in conflicts with anyone.

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