Omega Female Relationships and Compatibility

She won’t hang out with you if you’re a stranger

If you aren’t yet close with women with omega female personalities, know that they won’t hang out with you. An omega person is introverted, shy, and reserved.

She won’t push you to hang out with her if you’re close

When it comes to spending time with others, the omega female prefers to do it with her friends. So, if you’re close to her, she’ll definitely appreciate your space.

She’ll hardly have more than 5 friends

So, someone has omega female personality traits and you want to be friends with her? Before you try to befriend her, know that she’s not a fan of large groups of friends. Instead, she believes in having quality friends over quantity.

She’ll help you in times of need

An omega woman is extremely intelligent and can deal with any troublesome situation. She has immense creativity, which helps her find solutions to the most stubborn situation easily. She’s comparable to an alpha woman in problem-solving.

Someone who is an Alpha

The omega female wants someone to make her feel special. She wants to be courted and understood. She doesn’t want to chase her romantic interest or show her desperate feelings right away.

Someone who can spend time indoors

An omega woman is a homebody and likes to spend a cozy time with her intimate circle. If not, she’ll binge-read her books or play video games.

Someone who can accept her as a hot mess

It is already established that she is a messy person. Her living space is a serious mess that might lead to huge relationship fights.

Someone who wouldn’t try to change her childish nature

An omega woman is as carefree as a bird when she’s in her safe haven. She lets out her inner child and plays around when she’s with her loved one.

If you plan to approach an omega woman, keep in mind what she likes and doesn’t like in her relationships. Make sure you don’t offend her by judging her. Support her choices and make her feel accepted. You’ll eventually get close and have a great relationship with her.