What Are The Pros and Cons Of Being An Omega Male?

Pros of Being An Omega Male

Being at the bottom of the socio-sexual hierarchy, people always judged men with traits of an omega male. Though this personality type was always looked down on, you have a lot to flaunt. So, let’s know everything here!

You won’t follow others’ lead blindly

You also don’t pay heed to others’ advice when you already have your own plan.

You protect your innocence at all cost

Deep within, you’re still an innocent child and you don’t feel ashamed about it.

You can make a career anywhere!

You always seek new and unique opportunities and don’t follow the crowd.

You enjoy your own company

You love solitude. You feel great investing in solo interests like video games or reading books.

Cons of Being An Omega Male

The omega personality is put at the bottom of social hierarchies for a good reason. Though you’ll enjoy the major pros of being an omega, there are also some concerning issues like these…

Jumping between careers may not work out

You’re interested in a lot of things & want to try them all out. But, if you skip between career options, you’ll be on the losing side.

You might get in legal troubles

You don’t like to follow minor laws. You believe that law and order are way too restrictive and don’t let you live life on your own terms.

Boundary violation impacts your relationships

You don’t have a good sense of boundaries whether for yourself or others.

You never take care of your appearances

You aren’t ugly but your habits make you one. This makes you unattractive to potential love interests.

Probably, you are pretty tense after reading the cons of your personality. But don’t be… because you can eventually work on them.  You can definitely improve yourself… and if you don’t know how to, research more online and you’ll definitely get the necessary support!