The ENFJ Myers Briggs Personality Type

The chief personality traits

1. Thoughtful ENFJs do not make hasty decisions. They do not have an impulsive or whimsical nature. They always spend a good amount of time thinking in all possible directions before reaching for a solution.

2. Friendly People of the ENFJ type can be great friends. They always look out for opportunities where they can make new connections and new friends. They are very good at maintaining social relationships.

3. Social Since ENFJs have an extraverted personality, they tend to be sociable by nature. Their ability to easily befriend others also helps them in maintaining social relationships.

4. Community oriented ENFJs love to cater to the needs of people of the community. They have the ability to bring people from different backgrounds together, and thus form a community.

5. Big picture thinkers ENFJs have the ability to always consider the bigger picture. As we have already mentioned, they take quite a long time to carefully consider their decisions.

Things that delight ENFJs

- ENFJs enjoy social gatherings and formal or casual parties. - They love meeting new people and making new friends. - They are quite talkative, so they love to express their thoughts and ideas to everyone.

- They like to follow rules and regulations. - They prefer a proper plan of action in everything they do. - They love doing charity and donations.

Things that ENFJs typically hate or dislike

- They do not like being left alone. For ENFJs, loneliness can be extremely distressing. - They hate being an afterthought on any occasion. ENFJs always want to be under the limelight.

- ENFJs hate sudden or whimsical plans. They always prefer to have a meticulous itinerary, even if it is for simple things like going to dinner with friends and family. -  They do not like being micromanaged in their working environment.

ENFJ Myers Briggs is an idealist and thoughtful personality type. They are also kind and compassionate people who can think deeply for others. Moreover, they are organized and prefer to stay prepared for new changes in daily life.

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