The lines on your forehead can unveil concealed personality traits.

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Discover your dominant personality traits by examining your forehead lines when frowning, whether it's a single crease or more.

Metoposcopy is the practice of assessing one's character and future by studying their forehead's lines and features, suggesting the forehead reveals personality traits.

#1 Single Vertical Forehead Line Personality Traits A single vertical forehead line suggests assertiveness, determination, intelligence, and ambition, but may also indicate selfishness, lack of romance, and ego.

#2 Two Vertical Forehead Line Personality Traits Two vertical forehead lines indicate intelligence, hard work, and ambition but may also suggest stress, perfectionism, and a penchant for deep thinking.

#3 Three Vertical Forehead Lines Personality Traits Three vertical forehead lines suggest wisdom, insight, and a deep understanding of life, but may also imply self-criticism and critical tendencies.

They might struggle with decision-making due to over-analysis but are natural leaders who inspire others, often pursuing impactful careers. Celebrity potential.

Those with three vertical forehead lines excel in counseling, PR, leadership, and various roles in music, arts, and spirituality.