Understanding Your Parenting Personality: A Deep Dive into Enneagram Types

Type One: The Perfectionist Type One parents emphasize discipline and rules, being strict but desiring success for their children, creating a balance of structure and ambition.

​Type Two: The Helper​ Type Two parents tend to spoil children, striving to be the 'nice' parent, risking leniency. It's crucial to balance kindness with firmness for long-term well-being.

Type Three: The Achiever​ Achievement-focused parents prioritize children's success but should remember unconditional love. Balancing achievement and love is essential for healthy parenting.

​Type Four: The Individualist​ Type Four parents prioritize individuality, encouraging children to forge unique paths and question conformity, fostering independence and self-expression.

Type Five: The Investigator​ Modern-style parents adopt the latest tools, embracing independence. Encourage living in the present, fostering meaningful connections with your child.

​Type Six: The Loyalist​ Security-focused parents express love through preparedness, ensuring safety in all situations. From infancy to teenage years, they prioritize protection.

Type Seven: The Enthusiast​ Enthusiastic parents cheerlead their children, always ready for fun activities together, creating a vibrant and joyful parenting experience.

​Type Eight: The Challenger​ Protective parents prioritize their child's safety, emphasizing balance. Encourage self-protection and advocate for children's rights, ensuring comprehensive support.

Type Nine: The Peacemaker​ Low-drama parents prioritize peace, letting minor issues slide. Their preference for tranquility extends to creating a peaceful environment for their children.

The Enneagram, a personality typology with nine types, illuminates individuals' motivations, fears, and behaviors. It goes beyond labeling, offering insights into parenting styles and growth paths.