What Are Some Of the ENFJ Personality Traits?


Great friends

Good at maintaining social relationships

Keeps themselves very well-groomed


Never makes hasty decisions

Doesn't have an impulsive or whimsical nature

Tries to make situation favorable for the people around them


Brings together people from different backgrounds

Doesn't like any tiffs or disagreement 

Good at conflict resolution


An innate soft side

Want to help other individuals

Accepts difficulties in own personal life, for the sake of helping others

Good judge of character

Good at perceiving the feelings of people

Freely interacts but can be reserved and cautious

They decide the level of closeness to maintain in a friendship

Good listeners

Strongly empathetic

Skilled at understanding other people’s feelings

Give utmost importance to loyalty


Never afraid to voice their opinion

Believe in fighting for the right cause

They are extremely righteous

Non-domineering parenting style

Deeply involved in the lives of their children

Listen to their kids, rather than telling them what to do

Compassionate, caring, and loving towards their children

Planners and organizers

Have all of their schedules updated properly

Prefer to have a fixed routine for everything

They do not mind if their daily life is mundane

The acronym ENFJ means extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and judgmental. Individuals with this personality type are outgoing and proactive. They have a caring side to them, as they are emotional and sensitive.